Custom Cedar Products

Custom Cedar Products

Custom Manufacturing

We currently manufacture a variety of cedar products at the wholesale level for customers in United States, Canada and Europe.

For over 30 years we proudly manufacture our cedar products. These products are sold at the retail, mail order, and ecommerce stores. At the wholesale level, we either bulk ship to the customer, and they perform their own packaging of the product, or we manufacture and retail package to the customer specifications.

We can help with your product customization needs, including logo application. The process begins with the customer’s design specifications, through a reiterative prototype process, machine setups, and final approval and acceptance by the customer.

Shipping from the factory, is the responsibility of the customer. Once the order is complete and ready for shipment, we notify the customer, who arranges the pickup and shipping. Give us a call at 1-501-321-2637 or send us an Email with your requirements. We will work with you on your specifications.